April Book Club

http://images.amazon.com/images/P/0060930071.jpg Book Club meeting next month on Monday 4th at 7pm, potential rain date Monday the 11th. I have plenty of copies here for any one who needs one. Happy reading I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Here is a brief synopsis: As Louise Erdrich's magical novel The Antelope Wife opens, a cavalry soldier pursues a dog with an Ojibwa baby strapped to its back. For days he follows them through "the vast carcass of the world west of the Otter Tail River" until finally the dog allows him to approach and handle the child--a girl, not yet weaned, who latches onto his nipples until, miraculously, they begin to give milk. In another kind of novel, this might be a metaphor. But this is the fictional world of Louise Erdrich, where myth is woven deeply into the fabric of everyday life. A famous cake tastes of grief, joy, and the secret ingredient: fear. The tie that binds the antelope wife to her husband is, literally, the strip of sweetheart calico he used to yoke her hand to his. Legendary characters sew beads into colorful patterns, and these patterns become the design of the novel itself.


PowerUseTips said…
Thanks for posting I would love to come!
Ellie said…
please join us, we meet on MOnday At 7pm

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