Summer Reading

Over the summer the book group will be reading the Witches of Eastwick and the Widows of Eastwick by John Updike.

In the first novel John Updike astutely recognizes the modern American suburb, with its hypocritical social mores and superstitions, as a rich literary setting. Into this milieu he introduces the fantastical and invents a tale of what life would be like for three divorced and bored housewives, who happen to be witches, living in such a place -- the fictitious Eastwick, Rhode Island -- in the late 1960's.

In the second novel Thirty years after the witches worked their black magic on their enemies, earning the enmity of many of its citizens, they decide to return to Eastwick for a summer vacation. The three women have all been widowed and there attitudes have changed.

The next book group will be meeting on the last monday the 28th of September monday the 5th of October at 7pm I look forward to seeing you all there. Have a great summer, and if you need more reading suggestions there is a list at the desk at the library.



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