Octobers Meeting

Hi Every one

Thank you to every one who braved the wet and windy evening to come to book group this week. As I'm sure you all remember the book that we were supposed to be reading didn't come in from ILL so we discussed things that we had read lately and really enjoyed.

I always find it fascinating to listen to people talk about books that they have really loved and Monday night was no exception.

Rose had just finished reading A gate to the stairs by Laurie Moore a brittly witty and lurkingly dark, portrait of a Midwest college town through the eyes of Tassie Keltjin, a student from the country whose mind has been lit up by learning but who spends nearly all this story out of class, as a nanny for a couple who have adopted a toddler. Tassie's a bit of a toddler herself (and an ideal narrator because of it), testing the world as if through her teeth, and she finds the world stranger and more deeply wounded the more she learns of it.

Mary talked about Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalin a novel about domestic violence, with wonderfully emotional characters that are well developed and interesting to read about. Each character in the book gets a chapter of their own, which gives you a really interesting insight to the persons way of thinking and how they have experienced what has happened.

Elaine spoke about Isabel Allende's novel Zorro. A historical look at Spanish and American history, following the travels of Zorro and his adventures. The book was quick moving and very exciting, what was particularly nice was the addition of a map so thatyou could visualize the journey.

I talked about St Agnes Stand by Thomas Eidson. Set in 1858 in the New Mexico desert Nat Swanson the protaganist is on the run from a vengeful posse, in the hope of a new life in California. In a dry river bed he spots an overturned wagon surrounded by Apaches. What follows is a facinating series of events featuring a Nun who can shoot a gun and play poker and an embattled man who confront their fates together inorder to save a small child. I love this story, and its descriptions of the environment.

Next month we will be reading Forever by Pete Hamill, I have copies behind the desk for anyone who needs one. We will be meeting on Monday the 1st of November at 7pm, I look forward to seeing you all there and hearing your thoughts.

Happy Reading

Ellie Rock


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