Next Meeting

Just a quick notice to remind every body that the next meeting will be on June 13th as I will be away the first week in June.

Assuming that I don't fall into a Volcano or get eaten by a Bear I'll be looking forward to seeing you all then.



Janet said…
I enjoyed reading and discussing Post Office Girl. What a great writer..............did we every decide if they got away with it? After reading the book I don't understand why the author did commit suicide. He and his wife did escape and found alternatives, and the world changed.....and the artificial standards became more transparent in real life!!! Janet
Ellie said…
Hi Janet I'm so glad that the Post Office Girl got such a good reception. Its so nice to listen to what everyone has to say when they have really enjoyed reading something. I think the general consensus was that they did get away with the robbery, or at least that is what we wanted to happen ! As to why the author decided to committed suicide I'm not totally sure.

In his last testament, Zweig wrote: "I think it better to conclude in good time and in erect bearing a life in which intellectual labour meant the purest joy and personal freedom the highest good on Earth."

So I guess that would suggest that he felt that freedom did not exist to the extent that he wished it were.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting


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