Blind Woman Sleeping Woman by Harukumi Murakami

Septembers book choice offered some what of a challenge for the book group, I think it would be safe to say that at least half of the group did not enjoy this book. We read Blind Woman Sleeping Woman by Harukumi Murakami. She writes with a very distinct melancholic style that seems very influenced by her nationality. This collection of short stories is both slow and fast, descriptive and vacant, true to life and fantastical. Her imagery is outstanding and the attention to detail is flawless. Every tale is strange and for the longest time no of us could figure out why they went together at all ? Then Connie pointed out that they all centered around some feeling of loss, after that revelation it was a lot easier to understand the stories and the direction that Murakami was going. I have add a great review for you to read from
Quarterly Review.
I hope you liked or at least found interesting the fantastically strange observations that she writes about.
Happy reading,


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